Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When the boredom strikes

shot this photo when i was stucked in a terrible traffic jam one night
it was raining that time

very heavy rain.

The weather recently was just hot like hell
I felt extremely great after rain
so fresh , so moist .

I still keep my boring life going
I spend most of my time at home
doing rubbish things
Daydreaming most of the time LOL 

I hang out with friends sometimes
many of my friends left melaka for their further studies
One of them, Our ah tung

she left for UTAR at the end of May
we went for a farewell movie before she left
and a Satay Celup dinner

Byee and good luck my dear friend !

and another one, my dear boyfriend

he went Taylor University at the end of May too
left me alone
 now he has his new bunch of friends
hanging out everyday

i am like , halfly abandoned lol


I am watching a new Hongkong drama this few days
my Bosco Wong is one of the main actor !

Unexpected twist in drama plot
Highly Recommended !

Oh My Bosco Wong! 
Must Watch guys !

Japanese side dishes lol
Slrrrppppppp ~

does this place look familiar?


I go for swimming usually twice a week
Always alone
and i get to know some friendly peoples there

Starbucks date yesterday!
ladies talk :)

Discovered this new dessert cafe one day
around Kota Laksamana
beside Ice Town Cafe

awesome taste yeah
especially Mango Ice

Last one
Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner !

Rice dumplings Awwww
Mummy-taste always the best !

I am officially an Pay Fong High School alumni started this year lol
and my old school is going to celebrate its 100th birthday this saturday yeah
Lets go back and gather back together 
like what we did when we were young !