Thursday, May 22, 2014

22.05.14 ( Throwback ) Fatboy's the Burger Bar v Salon Du Chocolat PUBLIKA

Hey, here I am again.
I know I don't refresh my blog post very often anymore, like what I used to do.
Today, in the middle of the night, I just want to do a slight recap of my recent life :)

Look at my stressful face OMG!

Firstly, I am, sort of, overwhelmed by the pressure of my study, always. HAHAA
I have come to my last semester of my first year, time flies, huh?
I gradually get used to the up-and-down style of university life.
In university, to get a good grade, you have to work harder than anyone else.
NOBODY is gonna tell you what to do, neither lecturer nor your tutor.
There is no faster way to achieve good result, you have to do revision everyday, to digest all kind of bullshits that lecturer had given during lecture class.
And, of course, assignment.
The only experience I have had during the process of doing an assignment is, NEVER DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT ON LAST-MINUTE BASIS. NEVER!
Most of the time, you have to let go and forget about your old time during your secondary school or foundation level.
Maybe you used to be a genius, you used to study last minute but still manage to get good result, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well, in university, all these things will never happen. (at least never happen on me)

Well, Ignore the dark side, we should take a look at the bright side. :)

I feel really grateful that I have met a gang of good friends that always are willing to stay with me through thick and thin.
Many seniors used to tell me that there is no true friends in university, most of the time you will all be alone.
However, I am the lucky one :)
Thanks for you guys, for being my loving housemates, my honest friends, my supportive coursemates.
You guys just make my university life an amazing one.

I have joined quite a number of clubs in uni as one day I realized that my future boss will definitely love to have an employee with extra experience other than good academic result. (:

So, firstly I have applied for a committee position in Sunway University Business School Student Council.
I have gone through the interview session and hmm, still waiting for the final result yet.
This is a quite fresh try for me, and hopefully they will accept me, and lemme make some contribution to the business school , please.  (Pray)

And the second, might be a little bit shocking, HAHA.
I have joined Muay Thai Club heh.
Some of you might not know what Muay Thai is, let me just do a little introduction about it.
It is a combat sport originated from Thailand. Muay Thai is referred as the "Art of Eight Limbs" as it makes use of punches, knees, elbows and kicks.
You guys may think that this is kind of a rude sport for a girl.
Well I can say, it is, but it somehow trains your core strength of your body to the max.
The main purpose that I join this club is to learn some self-defense skills and, of course, keep fit!
Though the training session is always a tough time for me, but trust me, no pain, no gain.
Let's fight for a healthier body!

Lastly, I have joined Sunway Business Investment Society and applied for their committee position too.
As a member, we have to lend our helping hand during any event held by the club.
One of the recent event is the Chatime CEO Bryan Loo's experience sharing session!
How lucky I am that I had the chance to met with him and took a photo with him during that night!
He is kind of a ambitious person and he is so young and so passionate of his job that he had made a lot of future plan to expand other business other than Chatime.
Most importantly, unlike other richman, he is not as arrogant as i thought, he is very friendly instead :)

Here is my photoshoot with him! 

And everyone who attended the talk on that night will be given a cup of free Chatime per person and a burger :)
It was so crowded during that night and it is my pleasure to be one of the club members to help out throughout the event (:

The hall is fully occupied.

And finally, free Chatime ROCKS!

And Lastly, Selfie time.
Every event is a chance to get to know more peoples :)

Apart from that, 
most of my leisure time is well spent being with my university buddies.
Around few weeks ago, we went Publika for dinner after our finance midterm test., sort of celebration eheh.
We are totally burger addict and this time, we tried out some new stuff other than the well-known myBurgerLab.


One of the special thing you can do in this burger shop is that you can actually design your own burger just like this:

COOL right?

I ordered a burger that called " WIMPY" 
With pork patty, fried egg, fried bacon and cheddar cheese inside, covered with sesame bun.
And the homemade fries too! They are AWESOME!
But trust me, you can't really manage to finish them all unless you have a super giant size stomach.
At last, it tastes good! Worth to try.

Well, A photo of us. All the girls. ( The guys are going for toilet LOL)

After the main course, we were hunting for dessert!
And Here we are!


Try out their Chocolate Donut and Chocolate Crepe (Milk Flavour)
I personally think that the chocolate syrup is way too sweet for me, maybe dark chocolate will do.
But anyhow, my craving for this is totally satisfied LOL!

And HEY, that's all for today!
see you guys!
 ;) (wink)

Saturday, May 10, 2014



已經Year One Semester Three 了
三餐不定 睡眠時間時長時短
由每兩個星期回 到一個月多才回一次
每次回馬六甲就有種輕鬆自在 有家的感覺

自己在外住 跟一班很談得來的朋友們合租一個房子
才知道 一群人住在一起實在不容易
無論在性格 生活習慣 大家都要互相的融讓
不過最起碼 他們讓我在這城市感受到家的感覺

看見昔日的好友聊著我不懂的話題 跟著我不認識的人
或許因為各自有各自的忙 而減少聯絡 是人之常情
看似獨立 其實我是最需要關心的那一個
把這些想法收在心裡 的確不舒服
已經不是小孩了呢 不能想怎樣就怎樣
有時候說出來 也許還會傷害別人吧
有些心裡話 還是深藏在心裡 深藏在我的文字裡吧

這幾天考試週 加上吉隆坡忽冷忽熱的天氣
病了讓我好想念媽媽的藥材湯 還有爸爸店裡苦得要死的藥材藥水
打電話回家 好想哭 但是不能 不然媽媽會擔心
只能在嘴巴里說著 沒事
傷風咳嗽 讓我整天精神不好 只想睡覺
結果好了 考試真的被我考砸了
該死 為何會犯如此粗心的錯誤

一寫就僅是這些 失落的東西
好吧 此刻 好想來一杯熱騰騰的咖啡