Friday, August 29, 2014


I know I don't update my blog very often like what I used to do in the past
Most of the time when I feel like writing something but somehow there are endless stuff to stop me from doing
And now I am here again :)

I used to write my blog post in Chinese language
For those friends who follow my blog from the past until now you might discover that I have started changing my writing language
Nothing special, I just want to improve my writing skill a lil bit more

I am too lazy to upload photos about my recent life
I think my Instagram will tell everything :)
I am now undergoing my first week of my second year in degree
time flies huh, one year went away just in a blink of eyes
My memory is still fresh about how I got used to everything in Sunway University last year
but now, I am officially a second year senior student now :)
I can't imagine that I have two years left to complete my degree, getting closer to my ultimate goal, being an auditor :)

So before this week, I had been going through a one-month-plus semester break :)
It was a money burning, calories gaining break (NOOOOO!)
First of all, I went for a three-days-two night trip to Cameron Highlands with my dear and my best friends and housemates in university

We went for just one reason, to chill
We had been suffering a lot during the final exam week
so we decided to go to a quiet and cool place to chill
going to Cameron Highland is the most economic way and the most convenient way to chill
avoid from the crowded KL city 
just us :)

We actually didn't do much things there
We visited bee farm, strawberry farm, tea farm etc
If you ever went to Cameron Highlands, the events there are all about visiting these farm, right?
And the night market over the Brinchang area at Cameron Highlands!
There are quite a lot of nice food there, and DURIAN !
Overall, Cameron Highlands is really a nice place to rest and for friends gathering :)
Despite the advantages, the only disadvantage is that we had gone through a bad experience riding bus to Cameron Highlands
The road condition on the way to Cameron Highlands will definitely put you down
I vomited three times during our way to Cameron Highlands on the bus !
When we finally reached our pre-booked apartment over there, everyone was like d---y-----ing !

Overall, I really the cold-but-not-too-cold weather over there :)
and the beautiful flowersssssssssss !

After the Cameron Highlands trip, I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah again
Yeap, again
Last trip to KK was during around Christmas last year, with him
This time, I went to the same place with him , and his family members as well, and Jia Yee 
His father is a very good man that he always bring me along whenever they go for a family vacation
I appreciate it so much and I find myself lucky that I get to build close relationship not only with him, and his family members too :)

Kota Kinabalu ,Sabah is famous of their Sang Nyok Mee  生肉面
I tried it last time and I miss the taste so so much!
This is my favourite food in KK I can tell !
This is a must-try if you go to KK ! Highly recommended :D

For tour attractions, we visited the wetlands and the mangroves by boat
At the same time you will get to see the famous proboscis monkey in Sabah
They live wild in the jungle and they are protected under the law 

And I am too lazy to introduce other attractions in Sabah :p
please forgive me for that
I have more interest in food hahahahaaa

After the 5-days-4-nights trip in Sabah
I spent most of my times staying in my hometown, Melaka
No matter how far I go, I always miss Melaka
Melaka is a small-but-not-too-small city in Malaysia
but I love everything about it
especially food !!!!!
I always insist that the food in Melaka is the best no matter how
In fact, in my heart, Melaka is always the best :)

Spent my time hanging out with my secondary school friends

I really like the way we communicate and this mode of communication will not change no matter how long we are separated from each other
we used to study in a same class but now
everybody is staying in different states, studying different courses, chasing after different dreams
It is so precious that we can gather together and talk, at least once a year ;)

And of course, hanging out with my bestie

We knew each other since we were both studying Junior one (13 years old)
We have distinct personality 
She is a less talkative person but I like making friends everywhere
She don't eat spicy food but I can't live without spiciness
She has a weak body that she can't afford to do heavy exercises but I like many kind of sport activities and even join muaythai class in university

but somehow I think it was the different personality of ours that brought us together
we'd been in the same class for only three years
in the rest of the years we were studying in different classes
and now, we even study in different country ( she studies in Taiwan now )
we quarreled, we laugh, we share
we don't meet very often but this doesn't affect anything among us
we share every intimate things to each other
and I would do whatever I can do to protect her from getting hurt
Other than my family and him, she is the most important person in my life.
We have been knowing each other for seven years and it is still counting on :)

Thanks for being there for me, through thick and thin. 

The last trip during my semester break 
I went to Batu Pahat for three days with my dear :)

I will discuss on this in detail in next post ! :D

And now, my second year of my degree begins :)
One typical technique that almost every lecturer will use during the first week of the semester is that they always like to terrify you on how hard a particular subject is
Maybe it is true and maybe it is not
it depends :)
In my opinion, I just think that we have to do our very best
As long as you do your best, no matter how the outcome is, at least you try, right?
Try not to get tricked by the lecturer's words.


The result for last semester has been released and I'm satisfied for the result.
At least my hard work pay off :)
Thanks for everything!

I hope this semester will be good to me.
And welcome September :)