Saturday, September 26, 2015

Oh hey.

I'm not sure whether people still read my blog 
but anyway, it's a beautiful, cozy Saturday and I finally decide to update my blog post 
It'd been a while, isn't it?

Since August 2015, I'm officially a final year student
How time flies
I'm grateful about everything that happened around me
I spent a wonderful 5-weeks summer holiday in Europe during my semester break from July to early August
And also, I managed to maintain my scholarship for the very last time!
For your information, the scholarship granted to me will be reevaluated once every year 
If your combined average mark of a particular academic year failed to fulfill the requirement, your scholarship will be cancelled immediately.
So, in other word, this simply means that I managed to secure my scholarship for my final year!
I don't need to worry about the next academic year anymore as I'm in my final year now!
I just want my parents to be proud of me and I will do my very best to not failing them :)
I'm glad that all my hard work has paid off eventually. 

Regarding the Europe trip that I had mentioned earlier on, I swear that that was the most awesome trip I had ever had. 
Another information - My degree is affiliated with degree in Lancaster University, United Kingdom. 
In a simpler word, we are getting two degree certificate when we graduate - one is from Sunway University and another one is from Lancaster University. 
I guess this is the main reason that we always struggle a lot when it comes to studies.
Lancaster University do have a very high standard and requirement on our academic performance.
Trust me, studying with Lancaster University has never been easy. 
You can try to google them if you want to know more about them.
Alright, out of the five-week program, we spent our time participating in a cultural-exchange program in Lancaster University campus. 
We lived in the campus, we dined in the campus, and we participated in a lot of interesting activities, with the local students and students from China, Ghana, India, Pakistan and Nigeria. 
Deciding to participate in this programme would probably be the best decision I had ever made in my life!
And also, a big medal should be given to my dearest papa for making my dream came true :) (especially with the recent appreciation of pounds to malaysian ringgit) 
Secondly, a big thanks to my dear boyfriend for buying me a camera that I always wanted.
The camera had been following all the way to UK and Europe countries in my 5-week journey.

The flight to United Kingdom took us around 20 hours from Kuala Lumpur. (7 hours flight to Dubai + 6 hours transit wait in Dubai + 7 hours flight from Dubai to Manchester)
Upon arrival in Manchester, the students from Lancaster University greeted us at the entrance.
We settled ourselves down in Lancaster University's school bus and traveled to Lancaster from Manchester.
We arrived in Lancaster University campus after one hour ride. 
Lancaster University campus is crazily huge I would say, approximately 10 times bigger than Sunway campus lol. 

And we fall in love with the greenish field and blue sky instantly, and the weather.
Summer weather in UK is a very special one, we don't really experience usual summer weather here.
In UK, it had always been around 14-16 degree celcius during summer.
The temperature would even drop to 10 degree at night, crazy right?
You can even imagine how cold it will be during winter. 

Once we had settled down in Lancaster, despite our serious jet-lag symptom, we paid a visit to Lancaster city town right after that. 
I know we all look tired and awful in this picture but uhhh, who cares about the tiredness when the scenery there was so damn awesome? 
And for sure, we had our first English meal in the campus. 

That's it for today! More to come in future :)