Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I went back to Melaka this weekend. 
It'd been a while since CNY holidays.
This week is PT week so we will not going to have classes. 
I went back on Friday and I gotta go back tomorrow (Wednesday) 

These few weeks had been a really stressful period for him. 
Well I feel so helpless for not being able to offer any help other than mental support. 
But what to do? This is the life of an auditor huh. 
On Saturday, we spent the whole afternoon at his house, with his mom. 
He was busy doing his works on his company laptop, I was studying for my exam. 
He even cooked me lunch.
He apologized for not being able to accompany me properly but I do appreciate his efforts in making his time for me. 

And today, out of his super busy schedule, he squeezed out a few hours just to watch a movie with me. 
I'm truly touched. 
He said even though he's so busy he's still going to make time for me no matter what. 
I appreciate your effort. Thank you. I'm blessed :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Happy "Florist-Is-Getting-Rich" Day!
Hahahaha well, I am not a Valentine person.
In other word, I don't find celebrating Valentines Day necessary.
As long as you are happy with your other half, those fancy celebrations don't matter that much. 
My eyes had almost gone blind by just looking at all the overwhelming Valentines post on Facebook and Instagram.

He gave me flowers and hand-written card a few days ago.
We did not celebrate our Valentines Day together as we both were busy with our own stuff in Batu Pahat and KL respectively.
Well, at the beginning I didn't expect anything from him, so he completely surprised me when he showed up with those beautiful roses.
Even in the past, right before him, I didn't celebrate Valentines Day with my boyfriend either.
So it kinda makes up a habit or a normal thing for me.
By the way, thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful.
And what makes me even happier is the hand-written card that you gave me.
You know what, in this 21st century where technology is slowly invading our life, this kind of old-school romance has become increasingly rare.
This is probably the third hand-written card from you ever since we knew each other.
Two post-cards, one Valentines gift card.
I appreciate this efforts, it means a lot to me as compared to anything that can be easily bought by using money.
This effort is priceless.

So on Valentines Day, I still attended my classes as usual.
There was nothing really special about this day though.
I went for a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant with Kathleen, Xin Wei, Yi Zhen and Choy.
That was our kind of Valentines Day hahaha as our partners were not around too. 
Kathleen came to Sunway today from Penang and she is going to stay at our house until Thursday. 
Five of us had a really good catch-up session over our dinner and we even video-called Jia Yee too.
I'm so glad to know that she is doing well in Singapore :)

After the dinner, me, Xin Wei and Yi Zhen paid a visit to the Disney Tsum Tsum fair at Sunway Pyramid and we were so obsessed for the Mickey-Minnie plush cushion. 
Three of us are regular player of the game and we LOVE those characters in the game a lot. 
We had totally gone crazy and lost ourselves at the fair though. Hahaha.
There was a machine over there and they let us to play Tsum Tsum game.
If you managed to get score above 8 million you can get a free Tsum Tsum bookmark and a entry to the competition. 
At  the end, we bought ourselves a super cute Mickey-Minnie plush cushion for RM 69.90. 
We must be crazy back then hahahahaha but we were so happy.
This may be considered a Valentines gift to myself? 
And also we passed the game then we won ourselves a super cute bookmark too!

Those decorations at the fair are so cute! Hahaha.
I used to question why some people can be so obsessed about Hello Kitty.
Now I start to question why am I so obsessed about these Tsum Tsum characters.
The rationale behind may probably be the same, but, I still hate Hello Kitty though hahaha. 

Out of all the options, three of us bought the same one.
As yesterday was Valentines Day, the fair was so crowded.
We even needed to queue up for payment for our cushion toy.
Most of the people queuing up for payment were guys (A moment of pity to all those guys, to their wallets huh)

But still, it was a fun night indeed.
And I can't wait to finish the rest of my week and go back to Melaka this weekend. 
And ya, I notice I have been updating quite frequently lately.
But it's okay for me, I just feel like updating.
I want to look back to my posts a few years later and see how much I have grown up throughout the years. 
I guess I have been abandoning this place for too long and it's time for me to catch up.

Sometimes, people comment and tell you what to do.
But in fact, you're the only one that can judge yourself.
I'm glad you actually took the initiative for our relationship when I insisted a NO
Thank you for always taking care of me.
You have taught me to see the best in me.
Thank you for always tolerating with my nonsense.
You cook/bring me breakfast whenever you're around. 
You always offer to help me to dry my hair.
You're the one who always carry most of the heavy stuff but still make an effort to hold my hand.
You're always the one who look through all my hidden thoughts. 
You're always the one who do all the cooking whenever we go for our barbeque dinner at BBQ Plaza/Korean Restaurant or whatsoever. 
You're always the one who extract all the prawn shells for me.
You always run your finger through my hair and tell me how proud you're to have me.
You remember all my likes and dislikes.
Etc etc. 
Thank you for all the little things.
I know you are not going to see this post, that's why I'm so comfortable of writing these in here. 
I may not be the person who is expressive, but I do love you.

Thank you. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Short Weekend Trip

Dear Blog, I'm back! With lots of memories to share. 
So for the weekend this week (11 February-12 February 2017), out of our super busy schedule, dear and I actually squeezed out some time for our first trip.
It was a pretty short but memorable trip.
We went to Kuala Selangor for a 2-days-1-night trip as we couldn't afford to travel too far due to time constraint.

It was him who came across the idea of having our first trip.
After doing couple of researches online, and then we made our mind within a few days.
I love that spontaneousness. 
Kuala Selangor is one hour drive away from Selangor city. 
It's a small town which is well-known for its nature beauty and seafood.
It's one of the rare spot to watch fireflies in Malaysia.

Well, I admit that I am not a romantic kind of person, but he kinda surprised me. 
He drove to my place on Saturday, the first day of my trip, he arrived at around noon time.
I was busy packing my luggage for our trip though.
He showed up with a bouquet of roses, and it brought me surreal shock and surprise.
I asked:" What are these roses for?"
He said:" It's our first Valentine and we can't spend the day together, so I gotta make sure it's a special one."
While at the same time I lectured him for wasting money, I actually felt happy for that. (Such a contradictory creature)
But still, thank you :) They are pretty and sweet, so are you. 
And he actually wrote me a card, it'd been a while since I last received a hand-written card.

After having our lunch, we departed for Kuala Selangor at around 1pm and then we arrived at our hotel at 2pm plus.
We rested and took a short nap as the sun outside was so scorching.
We went and had our dinner near the jetty.
We had our seafood dinner and it was so awesome with a sea view.

While waiting for our 7.30pm boat after dinner,we walked around the jetty and the village.
Kuala Selangor is a really small yet a nice place to chill and rest.
And the sunset was stunning. 
This trip's also the time where I can finally make use of my XiaoYi Sport Camera given by Jing Xian as my birthday present last year.

Then we went and watched fireflies.
It was too dark for me to capture the picture of those fireflies but it was really nice! 
The beauty of nature is beyond words.
It made those trees look like Christmas trees though.

We finished our boat trip by around 8pm and it was pretty early.
We bought some McDonald Nuggets and went back to our hotel.
After taking a really nice shower, we both lied on the bed and started doing our own stuff. 

He was doing his own works and I was studying for my exam.
HAHAHAHAHA this is how two busy person do when they are on vacation.
That night we dozed off quite early as we gotta wake up pretty early on the next day.

On Sunday morning, we had our breakfast at 7.30am at local kopitiam.
It was my favourite kind of breakfast. 
We had kaya toast with half-boiled egg, and a cup of rich Kopi-O.
I will never get bored of kopitiam breakfast I swear.

After breakfast, we got ourselves on the boat again. 
This time, we were going to so-called "Sky Mirror" of Kuala Selangor. 
It took us about half an hour on boat to reach the destination.
"Sky Mirror" is named after its mirror-like reflection of the sky in an island in the middle of the sea that will only emerge for several days every month.
And we're just lucky enough to see it. 

Our 1st stop was a unknown island and they let us to take photo over there but there wasn't anything too special about that island though.
As we walked through the stairs, we found a small forest and a lighthouse. 
Since we had been there, we took a couple of photos too though hahahaha (typical tourist heh.)

Then, our second stop was the Sky Mirror.
The mirror-like reflection will only occur during full-moon and half-moon according to Lunar calendar.
I came across this tour as I read through the reviews on internet.
Although there were so many tourists like us today and we didn't manage to capture a proper photo of us without being photobombed, we did enjoy this beautiful scenery. 

By the time we reached the jetty it was around 11.30am and our hotel check-out time was 12pm.
We were kinda in a rush but we made it though. 
After that, we departed from Kuala Selangor and went back to Sunway. 
And yeah, the end of our first trip.

Thank you for everything.
What you gives me are so different from what I used to have. 
The way we communicate and interact, it's priceless.
May it lasts as it goes.

Happy 3 monthsary, my dear. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It all goes according to my mood.
When I feel like updating, I update. 
And then when I feel like typing in Chinese, I type in Chinese. 
Apparently, today I'm not in the mood of typing Chinese (nonsense hahaha). 
One day, I looked back to all the posts that I had posted in the past.
It's surprising how time passed without me noticing. 
This blog had been here with me for six years.
Reading the articles that I wrote six years ago makes me burst into laughter. 
How could I be so stupid and naive back then? Haha.
Alright, let's forgive a 17 year-old teenager, heh?
Well somehow I'm glad I always kept my blog writing on track.
So that I'm able to look back and see how much I have grown up all these years today.

Thanks for all the ups and downs, it makes me who I am today.

Stalking over someone can be a hobby too though. 
Perhaps I should stop doing this anymore. Hahaha.
But girls being girls. It's normal where we compare ourselves with the others.
In other words, sometimes we don't have enough confidence with ourselves.

I have been so obsessed with Goblin OST lately. 
I am not a fan of K Drama but this drama certainly rocks.
The OST is one of the best ever. 

This is perhaps one of my favourite.

I have totally ran out of ideas now.
It's time to excuse myself again. 
Well Happy Birthday in advance for my Aquarius guy.
Happy 26th :) 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

City of dreams

Hey. It'd been a while, isn't it?
Sorry for the super long delay because I was kinda occupied for the past one month. 
I really thought of updating something but I always ended up messing around with my own stuff. 
And here it goes, my long awaited update. 

January had been a really busy and eventful month for me. 
Chinese New Year 2017 fall on the 28th of January. 
It came kinda early this year. 

First thing of January 2017:
I started my second and the last semester of ACCA class in Sunway in January.
My ACCA life right after degree had been a really tough one. 
Luckily I managed to survive the first one (July to December 2016).
The result for my December examination for P1 & P2 came out during 16th of January 2017. 
Fortunately, it turned out to be a really delightful one. 
It made all my hard works pay off. 
I passed the two papers and now I only left with another three. 
And now, I wish to clear the remaining three papers before July. 
I am taking P3 exam in March sitting while P4 & P6 in June sitting.
Provided everything's running as planned, I'll be able to leave Sunway officially with my Lancaster degree and ACCA affiliation.

Second thing of January 2017:
I had my long awaited degree convocation in 20th January! 
For your info, I finished my Accounting and Finance degree back in July 2016. 
But the convocation came in really late (about six months after my completion of studies).
Well, it's better late than never, they said. Hahaha. Well done Sunway. 
It was a super busy day.
I rushed back to Melaka the day before convocation just to fetch my parents to KL on the next day. 
They wanted to attend my convocation but I was kinda worried.
I couldn't let them drive to KL as it'd been years since they visited KL city. 
Being parents who are not familiar with the function of GPS/Waze or whatsoever, it's better for them to let their children to do the job.
So the convocation started at around 2.30pm in the afternoon.
We departed from Melaka at around 9am in the morning with daddy, mommy and Yi Ying in the car.
Yes, Yi ying, my sweetest bestie, decided to attend my convo and she actually brought her own graduation robe just to take graduation photo with me! (Awww)
The convocation was a real pleasure! (and also a super busy one)
And I got to meet all the friends which we had not been seeing each other since July 2016.
I also hurt my leg because of wearing high-heels for the whole day, and it took me 1 week plus to heal (Ouch).
I guess girls could relate to my pain, uh?
And I also took hundred of pictures with my friends on that day. Crazy.

Well, thank you Jing Xian too.
She purposely traveled to KL from Melaka just to attend my convo. 
It's my real pleasure to have best friends like you all. 
And also my parents, thank you for all the supports whether financially, mentally or physically. 
And my papa, you had always been the most quiet person in the house.
But still, your love for me is endless. 
You have always showered me with all your love, allowing me to achieve whatever I want. 
Well I guess this is your way of showing your love, eh? 
And mama, despite all the nag and endless advice, you have always been a good mama, especially being a good cook in the house.
I will never get bored of your curry chicken. NEVER. 

Last but not least, thank you my family and friends throughout my degree journey.
It'd been a really wonderful one.
And thank you all my friends for attending my convocation and all the gifts!
I'm so blessed.




Third thing of January 2017:
Well this isn't really a new event associated with January, but I never really admitted it in any social media platform.
I started dating someone back in November 2016, and yes it was a surreal accident.
My initial plan was after June 2017, which is after my ACCA completion, because I didn't want anything to distract me.
Well, clearly things hadn't gone that way.
There isn't nothing much to say about us.
We'd been seeing each other for a while, and then we only started to date each other since November.
It'd been three months down the road and it's safely to say that we're still getting along pretty well.
I like the way we interact with each other, which this never happened in the past.
Without the need of compromising, we actually found our own way to communicate with each other.
He has a busy working life, while I don't really like to stick with my boyfriend too much (It's due to my own personality, I like to enjoy time being on my own sometimes)
We see each other once every week, or every two weeks and we're totally comfortable with it.
And I like the way which we have our own circle and they don't conflict with each other.
Also, he has been such a caring person to be honest.
Well, let's see what'll happen in the future.

Fourth thing of January 2017:
Chinese New Year fall on the 28th of January (Saturday).
This CNY meant differently for me as my grandmother passed away last December.
According to Chinese tradition, in memorial of the dead, we're not allowed to celebrate CNY in a festive manner. 
In other words, we cannot hang TangLung-s outside the house, we can't wear bright red clothes and etc. 
This CNY was so different from what I had in the past 22 years.
But I guess I need to get used to it because it'll be like this way in future. 
I kinda miss popo in the house though, but well, we all need to move on right?
She had gone to a better world, with our blessings. 
In the past, we all gathered in popo house during Chu Xi, the first and the second day of CNY.
Being in a big family, the house was always filled with laughter.
I miss that moment, and it will never happen again.  

Well, during the first day of CNY, papa said we'll just stay at home.
So dear and I, we went and watched a movie at Aeon. 
It was a CNY movie starred by Jackie Chan, but it turned out to be below my expectation. 
Well, it's okay. 
After the movie, I brought him back to my house as my house was having steamboat dinner. 
It was the first time I officially introduced him to my family. 
I am grateful they actually got along pretty well, I guess? Hahaha. 
After the dinner, we went to Jonker Street.
It was kinda surprising that we both decided to go Jonker Street as we are not a fan of busy street and we usually prefer to stay in the house to avoid traffic jam.
But well, it's okay to be special sometimes, huh.
As usual, Jonker Street was so packed with people and we could hardly move as we walked.
One of the good thing was the weather.
It'd been raining non-stop since few days before CNY.
The weather at night turned out to be really chilly and nice so we didn't get our clothes sweated. 

And also, I attended C3Qing 2012 gathering on the fourth day of CNY. 
It'd been a while since we last saw each other. 
Thank you for the wonderful night guys :)

And yup, there are a lot of uniqueness regarding this CNY.
It was kinda a meeting-each-other's-parents CNY too.
As mentioned above, I brought him back to my house for the first time to meet my parents, siblings and aunties on the first day of CNY.
On the third day of CNY (Chor Sam), his brother invited me to have lunch with them.
Well, I met his brother, sister, mother, and his brother's girlfriend.
We had Sushi Zanmai at The Shore.

February is here while I still cannot get myself out from January hype.
P3 exam is one month away.
And I should probably get going and get back to my revision.
Goodbye my little blog.