Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I went back to Melaka this weekend. 
It'd been a while since CNY holidays.
This week is PT week so we will not going to have classes. 
I went back on Friday and I gotta go back tomorrow (Wednesday) 

These few weeks had been a really stressful period for him. 
Well I feel so helpless for not being able to offer any help other than mental support. 
But what to do? This is the life of an auditor huh. 
On Saturday, we spent the whole afternoon at his house, with his mom. 
He was busy doing his works on his company laptop, I was studying for my exam. 
He even cooked me lunch.
He apologized for not being able to accompany me properly but I do appreciate his efforts in making his time for me. 

And today, out of his super busy schedule, he squeezed out a few hours just to watch a movie with me. 
I'm truly touched. 
He said even though he's so busy he's still going to make time for me no matter what. 
I appreciate your effort. Thank you. I'm blessed :)

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