Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Without me noticing, March is here, and my P3 exam is only one week away. 
Well, I really want this to end as soon as possible. 
Been going vegan for almost a month now, soon I'll be able to eat meat again HAHAHA. 

Last weekend, I went out for a dinner with some of the SBIS members.
Time flies, we used to do all the events together. 
And now, half of them are working adults now.
It's terribly surprising when you realized that those fabulous, unforgettable moment had left us so much far behind.
We went and had our dinner at a vegetarian Indian restaurant and we chatted at a local mamak at USJ until midnight.
I think they formed part of the good memories in my degree life :)
And those good memories will remain in our heart as we go along with our own life.

Yesterday, Choy gave me and Xin Wei a ride to Sunway Lagoon Club to collect our graduation studio photos (one month after graduation ceremony)
And those photos are quite well taken.
Can't believe I'm really a Acconting & Finance degree graduate now. 
Well ACCA graduate on the way :)

Well I can still recall those times back when I was still 13 years old.
I used to be so rebellious and fearless.
I admit that I actually failed my parents a couple of times back then. 
But still, I still managed to make my parents proud after so many years :)
I'm glad I actually took the initiative to make a big change in my life. 
Thank you, to the old Me few years back, and the current Me who still continues to try her very best to make her parents proud :) 

I need to work even harder to ensure that I pass my papers now. 
I can't wait to finish all the exams by June and go travelling around! 
I booked a flight to Bangkok with Xin Wei in June ( one week after our last ACCA exam )
And I'm going to Hong Kong with my parents at the end of June as well :)
and the last one, Krabi trip with my besties in July. 
I actually prefer to start working from August onwards.
So yeap, let's just work harder from now on.
And all the best for my third paper next week! 


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