Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Happy "Florist-Is-Getting-Rich" Day!
Hahahaha well, I am not a Valentine person.
In other word, I don't find celebrating Valentines Day necessary.
As long as you are happy with your other half, those fancy celebrations don't matter that much. 
My eyes had almost gone blind by just looking at all the overwhelming Valentines post on Facebook and Instagram.

He gave me flowers and hand-written card a few days ago.
We did not celebrate our Valentines Day together as we both were busy with our own stuff in Batu Pahat and KL respectively.
Well, at the beginning I didn't expect anything from him, so he completely surprised me when he showed up with those beautiful roses.
Even in the past, right before him, I didn't celebrate Valentines Day with my boyfriend either.
So it kinda makes up a habit or a normal thing for me.
By the way, thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful.
And what makes me even happier is the hand-written card that you gave me.
You know what, in this 21st century where technology is slowly invading our life, this kind of old-school romance has become increasingly rare.
This is probably the third hand-written card from you ever since we knew each other.
Two post-cards, one Valentines gift card.
I appreciate this efforts, it means a lot to me as compared to anything that can be easily bought by using money.
This effort is priceless.

So on Valentines Day, I still attended my classes as usual.
There was nothing really special about this day though.
I went for a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant with Kathleen, Xin Wei, Yi Zhen and Choy.
That was our kind of Valentines Day hahaha as our partners were not around too. 
Kathleen came to Sunway today from Penang and she is going to stay at our house until Thursday. 
Five of us had a really good catch-up session over our dinner and we even video-called Jia Yee too.
I'm so glad to know that she is doing well in Singapore :)

After the dinner, me, Xin Wei and Yi Zhen paid a visit to the Disney Tsum Tsum fair at Sunway Pyramid and we were so obsessed for the Mickey-Minnie plush cushion. 
Three of us are regular player of the game and we LOVE those characters in the game a lot. 
We had totally gone crazy and lost ourselves at the fair though. Hahaha.
There was a machine over there and they let us to play Tsum Tsum game.
If you managed to get score above 8 million you can get a free Tsum Tsum bookmark and a entry to the competition. 
At  the end, we bought ourselves a super cute Mickey-Minnie plush cushion for RM 69.90. 
We must be crazy back then hahahahaha but we were so happy.
This may be considered a Valentines gift to myself? 
And also we passed the game then we won ourselves a super cute bookmark too!

Those decorations at the fair are so cute! Hahaha.
I used to question why some people can be so obsessed about Hello Kitty.
Now I start to question why am I so obsessed about these Tsum Tsum characters.
The rationale behind may probably be the same, but, I still hate Hello Kitty though hahaha. 

Out of all the options, three of us bought the same one.
As yesterday was Valentines Day, the fair was so crowded.
We even needed to queue up for payment for our cushion toy.
Most of the people queuing up for payment were guys (A moment of pity to all those guys, to their wallets huh)

But still, it was a fun night indeed.
And I can't wait to finish the rest of my week and go back to Melaka this weekend. 
And ya, I notice I have been updating quite frequently lately.
But it's okay for me, I just feel like updating.
I want to look back to my posts a few years later and see how much I have grown up throughout the years. 
I guess I have been abandoning this place for too long and it's time for me to catch up.

Sometimes, people comment and tell you what to do.
But in fact, you're the only one that can judge yourself.
I'm glad you actually took the initiative for our relationship when I insisted a NO
Thank you for always taking care of me.
You have taught me to see the best in me.
Thank you for always tolerating with my nonsense.
You cook/bring me breakfast whenever you're around. 
You always offer to help me to dry my hair.
You're the one who always carry most of the heavy stuff but still make an effort to hold my hand.
You're always the one who look through all my hidden thoughts. 
You're always the one who do all the cooking whenever we go for our barbeque dinner at BBQ Plaza/Korean Restaurant or whatsoever. 
You're always the one who extract all the prawn shells for me.
You always run your finger through my hair and tell me how proud you're to have me.
You remember all my likes and dislikes.
Etc etc. 
Thank you for all the little things.
I know you are not going to see this post, that's why I'm so comfortable of writing these in here. 
I may not be the person who is expressive, but I do love you.

Thank you. 

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