Monday, February 13, 2017

Short Weekend Trip

Dear Blog, I'm back! With lots of memories to share. 
So for the weekend this week (11 February-12 February 2017), out of our super busy schedule, dear and I actually squeezed out some time for our first trip.
It was a pretty short but memorable trip.
We went to Kuala Selangor for a 2-days-1-night trip as we couldn't afford to travel too far due to time constraint.

It was him who came across the idea of having our first trip.
After doing couple of researches online, and then we made our mind within a few days.
I love that spontaneousness. 
Kuala Selangor is one hour drive away from Selangor city. 
It's a small town which is well-known for its nature beauty and seafood.
It's one of the rare spot to watch fireflies in Malaysia.

Well, I admit that I am not a romantic kind of person, but he kinda surprised me. 
He drove to my place on Saturday, the first day of my trip, he arrived at around noon time.
I was busy packing my luggage for our trip though.
He showed up with a bouquet of roses, and it brought me surreal shock and surprise.
I asked:" What are these roses for?"
He said:" It's our first Valentine and we can't spend the day together, so I gotta make sure it's a special one."
While at the same time I lectured him for wasting money, I actually felt happy for that. (Such a contradictory creature)
But still, thank you :) They are pretty and sweet, so are you. 
And he actually wrote me a card, it'd been a while since I last received a hand-written card.

After having our lunch, we departed for Kuala Selangor at around 1pm and then we arrived at our hotel at 2pm plus.
We rested and took a short nap as the sun outside was so scorching.
We went and had our dinner near the jetty.
We had our seafood dinner and it was so awesome with a sea view.

While waiting for our 7.30pm boat after dinner,we walked around the jetty and the village.
Kuala Selangor is a really small yet a nice place to chill and rest.
And the sunset was stunning. 
This trip's also the time where I can finally make use of my XiaoYi Sport Camera given by Jing Xian as my birthday present last year.

Then we went and watched fireflies.
It was too dark for me to capture the picture of those fireflies but it was really nice! 
The beauty of nature is beyond words.
It made those trees look like Christmas trees though.

We finished our boat trip by around 8pm and it was pretty early.
We bought some McDonald Nuggets and went back to our hotel.
After taking a really nice shower, we both lied on the bed and started doing our own stuff. 

He was doing his own works and I was studying for my exam.
HAHAHAHAHA this is how two busy person do when they are on vacation.
That night we dozed off quite early as we gotta wake up pretty early on the next day.

On Sunday morning, we had our breakfast at 7.30am at local kopitiam.
It was my favourite kind of breakfast. 
We had kaya toast with half-boiled egg, and a cup of rich Kopi-O.
I will never get bored of kopitiam breakfast I swear.

After breakfast, we got ourselves on the boat again. 
This time, we were going to so-called "Sky Mirror" of Kuala Selangor. 
It took us about half an hour on boat to reach the destination.
"Sky Mirror" is named after its mirror-like reflection of the sky in an island in the middle of the sea that will only emerge for several days every month.
And we're just lucky enough to see it. 

Our 1st stop was a unknown island and they let us to take photo over there but there wasn't anything too special about that island though.
As we walked through the stairs, we found a small forest and a lighthouse. 
Since we had been there, we took a couple of photos too though hahahaha (typical tourist heh.)

Then, our second stop was the Sky Mirror.
The mirror-like reflection will only occur during full-moon and half-moon according to Lunar calendar.
I came across this tour as I read through the reviews on internet.
Although there were so many tourists like us today and we didn't manage to capture a proper photo of us without being photobombed, we did enjoy this beautiful scenery. 

By the time we reached the jetty it was around 11.30am and our hotel check-out time was 12pm.
We were kinda in a rush but we made it though. 
After that, we departed from Kuala Selangor and went back to Sunway. 
And yeah, the end of our first trip.

Thank you for everything.
What you gives me are so different from what I used to have. 
The way we communicate and interact, it's priceless.
May it lasts as it goes.

Happy 3 monthsary, my dear. 

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