Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vacation Month

Hello the first day of July, I'm back again.
June was a month full of vacation after exam.
I went to Bangkok on 15th of June to 19th of June with Xin Wei,
and then Hong Kong from 24th to 30th of June with my family.

First of all, our long awaited five-day Bangkok trip was a really spontaneous one.
I can still recall there was one day around March where we were attending our lecture classes.
As I was randomly browsing through facebook, I saw a promotion announcement by MAS.
All-in-one flight (30kg of baggage and in-flight meal) only costs RM 300++.
Well we immediately booked our flight right after our class ended hahaha.

It was my third time to Bangkok. Well you may be wondering what's so interesting about Bangkok?
Bangkok is a shopping paradise for us women I would say, and a food paradise.

This time, we still chose hotel which is located around Pratunam Market. 
Pratunam Market is a really good place to go for cheap and nice clothes. 
As usual, the weather in Bangkok is scorching hot. 
I guess throughout our five-day trip, one of the big mistake that we made was that we decided to visit Amphawa Floating Market. 
It was a total disaster Hahahaha. 
It is located two hours away from Bangkok city center. 
The sun and the distance almost killed us hahaha.

Overall the trip was really nice, except that I started to feel ill on the last two days.

Next, I spent five nights in Hong Kong and one night in Macau with my family (24th to 30th June)
It was my second visit to Hong Kong.
I'm never a fan of Hong Kong and to be honest, there's nothing much I like about Hong Kong.
It was winter season where I first visited HK but this time, it was mid-summer.
I would prefer to stay indoor all the time but unfortunately we needed to travel and walk around, a lot.
Many people often said Hong Kong food are very good but honestly, it was overrated, at least for me.
No offense, I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.

I guess unless for special reason, I won't pay a visit to Hong Kong anymore in future.
I can name tons of things that I hate about HK but I can hardly name anything that I like about this country.
The spending level in HK is crazy, many of the people are rude, the streets are dirty etc etc.

Well, enough of my ranting, it was my first time travelling with my whole family.
Previously there were only me, papa and mama.
But this time my brother and my sister were here too.
Well, I guess overall I still enjoy this trip though.

I guess that's all for my update for June, ciao!
See y'all BYE! :)

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