Saturday, April 29, 2017

Main update after a month

Hey. It'd been almost a month since my last update, my apologies my dear blog.
I had been neglecting you for such a long time hahaha and I have several updates for you. 

For the past three weeks I was staying at Melaka.
I have a three-weeks break right after my last ACCA class, before EDC starts on 2nd of May. 
EDC classes are sort of revision classes prepared by Sunway TES in order for us to be more well-prepared for the coming exams. 
It was such a coincidence that his CPA study leave coincided with my holidays. 
So, during those three weeks, we spent most of the free time with each other.
It was the first time where we could spend that much time with each other HAHAHA. 
We sort of studied together as he needed to prepare for his CPA exam on 27th of April.
Most of the days we spent time hanging around at his house, with his mom. 
To be honest his mum is such a good cook, and a pretty nice person to talk to :)
I never leave his house without my stomach fully-stuffed by food.

Also, during one of the weekend, me, Wendy, Xin Wei & Wendy planned a short trip to Xin Wei's hometown, Batu Pahat. 
We spent 3-day-2-night over there.
The trip was such a disaster for our stomach HAHAHA because we just kept eating and eating and eating until I lost count of how much food we had eaten. 
After all, it was such a good catch-up session as we hardly met after our graduation.

My P3 exam result came out on 19th of April and it was a PASSSSSSSSSSSS 
Can't believe it turned out to be a PASS as I only attended half of the classes. 
And now, I only have two more papers left which they are to be attempted in June. 
I can't believe my ACCA journey is coming to an end soon.
That contradictory feeling though.
And I'm going to officially move back to Melaka soon.
Well, it's time to say goodbye to TBS (hopefully) and Sunway, the place that I have spent my four-year time in.

And yup, my 3-week holiday is almost coming to an end.
My EDC classes are starting on 2nd of May :(
But well, May is going to be a really tough one but every hard works will pay off. 
Let's just do this for the last and ever (Hopefully?)

Yesterday (Friday), I went for a catch-up consultation with my dermatologist at Pantai Hospital. 
FYI, I had been seeing dermatologist since September last year. 
I had been suffering from some kind of skin problems because of stress. 
And I started taking oral pill (Roaccutane) ever since then. 
I have a love-hate relationship with those pills though.
After taking those pills, I had undergone an "exploding" stage which lasted for almost a month. 
They called it "IB" (Initial-breakout). 
My face condition became 10000000% worse than before and this scared me out. 
I didn't have the courage to step out from my house and I was afraid that this situation wouldn't get better. 
But my dermatologist said that this was completely normal. 
Things started to get better since December and my face condition had improved so much. 
And today, I went back to see her again as I'm finishing my pills soon. 
Guess what? My dermatologist said that I can finally stop consuming Roaccutane!! 
No more oral pills NOW. HAHAHAHA. 
And I can finally consume alcohol without worrying about the side effects (patients who undergo Roaccutane treatment are strongly discouraged from alcohol consumption and pregnancy)
And my dermatologist prescribed me external application instead.

I can finally get rid of those nightmares. 
Cheers to a better skin. 


Life with him had been so much more amazing. 
Thank you for being such a good boyfriend.
You never fail to take care of me in any aspect. 

Thanks, and lots of love :)
though I know you won't see this. 

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